Friday, March 30, 2012

Cant sleep livin in hell

 Snoop Dawg 8X11 watercolor ink collage holler at your boy. Spenser Macleod(c.) 2012 Sneek Peek portrait series.
 Collage and paint. smaller than 8X11 Priests at work. (c.) Smacleod
 New paintings with collage. Alberto this is something special. Speezy (C.)
 Guess who? Huddy Bolly? 8X10 watercolor, ink and collage on found paper. Spenser Macleod (c.)2012 For sale buy owner. 2X4
No comment. watercolor, ink and collage on found paper circa 1950s scrapbook. Holler Spenser Macleod(c.)2012 contact me for more information.

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